Friday, 2 May 2014

How I Wonder!!!

Ok life is going well but there was this unpredictable shocking news which we encountered over a month ago - Yes, there were cries & disappointments in the air but life has to move on and so do we...... 
We the women folk actually should give ourselves a little more importance in all terms -  in all terms meaning in all terms….. What if we become wives or mommies or age with age or become grannies?????

I think Teenage is the best phase in a girl’s life – so what if we are burdened with books and career path confusions, with entrance tests’ clearance and getting into good colleges, attack of acnes and when no remedies work, with infatuations and the silent crushes, with heart-breaks that stumble and tear our world apart, with tensions of shopping better than our bestie’s wardrobe,  day dreaming of handsome jobs and finally the fairytale weddings…… atleast this is a phase we thought about ourselves in a broadway out.

And one fine day when we manage to reach and achieve some of our dreams, the personalized female thought process ceases and is taken over by so-called rest of the family matters which they think must be on the top of the list. Is this life???? Yes it is… matter how much we try and control it, seems hard and impossible. Am I not correct girls?? 

I still remember the times when all that mattered to me was "ME"...... still I had so much on my mind. I was the Princess of my State, the Empress of my territory, the Queen of my kingdom, the Dictator of my World...... Ah, what life it was which by all means has gone and will never return. I laugh on my the then teenage spirited thoughts NOW, I mock at my the then clothes NOW, I bang myself for the then doings NOW......and all I conclude is - if I could get few things back and mend it based on my view points NOW, what will happen 10 years later.....will there be a change yet again????? 

I am a 26 year old Mommy NOW......nothings permanent, life has to move on and How I wonder things.....also moves on.....  

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