Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blessed to be Busy

July 1st 2014 and the first thing happened after my morning tea was……my teeth dived into a big bar of homemade dark chocolate (Courtesy: My colleague), ahhh…..what a yummy start of the Day…. wondered has June really come to an end?? Seems like just yesterday it had taken off and there it has landed too…..time is flying and July has begun. 

June was indeed an eventful month – the Kerala trip, workload after the comeback, heavy window shopping for Brother-in-law’s much awaited wedding just to get the approximate expenditure and to plan the budget, Jianna’s hospital rounds, blogging, arguments with family, outings & heavy junkies, late night movies which included even the ones I had already seen before – 
Spanglish, Devil wears Prada, Mona Lisa Smile, Just go with it, The Cinderella Story, Just Married, Bridesmaid, 27 dresses, How Old are You? (A Malayalam flick) etc etc….. and finally the hangover of all the activities I do.

I do dream endlessly about a relaxed retired kind of a life but when I come to my senses, the question which first pops into my mind is – Can we ever live a life devoid of our so-called routine rush???

Lazy mornings, Late Breakfasts, Low Appetites, Lousy Noons, Lethargic evenings and Little hush dinners with no thrill in the family discussions subsequently no squabbles….. Can that ever be fun??? 

I started working 60 days after my delivery. Though I was apprehensive of the way I will handle my baby but things started settling down once I began my new life – A Working Mother’s life. Balanced beautifully the two lives I lived – as a professional and also as a homemaker, infact not only I but my baby also adjusted. She was absolutely fine with the set-up. 

Yes….it is indeed a blessing!!!! There are many who mock, there are many who criticize and there are a little less than many who appreciate working mothers….my family comes in the “little less than many” category and that is the reason I am here blogging, sharing, inspiring (hopefully….) for the reason of being ME.

Had I been at home – I may have just gone through some social networking sites, some parenting sites and would have restricted myself going any further, thinking of committing a sin of ignoring my baby.
Now that I am working and networking – I don’t have my conscience bothering me at all since I am aware of the fact that I have to multi-task and there is no other alternative to it. Believe me, I can never be more than content and this contentment makes us – especially the women folk stand apart - tall and respected in the society.

Different people, Different cultures, speak different things but do what you feel is right and what suits you the most.

For me it was being a Working Mother, maybe for some it might be to be- The Stay at Homes. It is always the final CONTENTMENT which matters the most. 

I can now rightly and uprightly say that I am Blessed to be Busy!!!!      

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