Monday, 29 December 2014

When its all Christmassy!!

Its hi-time that I declare my new home will be henceforth Hyderabad…sob…sob….how badly I miss Gujarat specially my mini metro Baroda urf Vadodara! 

Myself, Jianna and Mom landed exactly prior to Christmas eve in the rhythm of setting up the house atleast before the D-day to get the Christmas feels. Anyway, we were way closer YaY so that task was almost accomplished!! Hubby for the first time after ages felt like home post returning from office…. Isn’t that called task accomplished rather?    

Of all the times, festivities and celebrations, Christmas acquires a special place. God forbid but I never wanna get used to it.

Though I still miss my kiddo Christmas days where the month long preparations began with a whole lot of vigour and vitality. I loved when mom baked her traditional rum cakes in the traditional oven and the initial aroma it gave away filled the neighbourhood with the real Christmas spirits. It was the time when all my friends – even the non-friendly ones haunted my place to indulge in the cakes, the meat cutlets, the angel wings, the sweet balls, the rice cakes, the shakkar paras, the murukus etc that was served lavishly with a whole lot of love and affection (that adds up to the taste). 

My favourite part was writing Christmas cards. Oh how I miss making / selecting Christmas cards, writing little notes and quotes for our friends and family. Even in the not-so technological times we kept in touch with everybody and there was an emotional bonding to it which is completely missing in the current technology equipped world. Sending a smiley or a formal thank u doesn’t mean you are keeping in touch. Our Christmas week usually had a lot of guests visiting us and us visiting our dearies. I loved eating the left-overs served to our guests, they tasted yummier from the rest. (Hahahaha)

Mummy’s Appam and stew was the best in the world so was her Coconut Milk Chicken Curry, Meat roast, Fish fingers, Fried Shrimps, Fish Molee, Veg Korma. Our family luncheon began with an inch of wine, it was actually an inch not a centimeter more. My good old kiddo days, wish I could use Hermoine’s time turner. Its believed daughters continue the family traditions, thankfully I am trying my level best. 
But there are so many changes with time -   

  • I no more write cards or send neither do I receive any (Wonder Jianna will ever see them)
  • Since I don’t receive any seasonal greeting cards, I don’t hang them on my wall either
  • I no more hang my stockings in anticipation of Santa gifting me surprises, no more writing letters to Santa in the North Pole.

Now I am all grown with the most strangest wish list and I hope, hope and hope, I dream, dream and dream for all the universe conspires to achieve your desires to come true if you actually want it to happen.

Here are my few moments captured of all the Christmases post marriage - 
Christmas - 2010 
Christmas - 2011

Christmas - 2011

Christmas 2012 sans ME - you can see my hubby's sad expression

Christmas 2013 got covered with my friend's wedding

Christmas - 2014

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