Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cold Soup and Stale Pizza!!

Once upon a time, I was looked upon as a desirable humane with all the excellent qualities. You said my deep brown eyes had the light of an adorable woman in making. Now as I glare at the doves you gifted me, I wonder how your views have taken such a marvelous change!!

You call me a wild woman,
You call me an abrasive administrator,
You call me a disappointing daughter,
You call me a stupid sister,  
You call me a wicked wife,
You call me a monstrous mother,
You call me complex!!!

Of course I am complex and so are you.
Just like I don’t understand your arguments, neither do you understand mine.  

You say that I don’t have a great relationship with myself, maybe at many times it holds true for you too.

I am still searching reasons, which perpetually come and go, so there have been no conclusions yet.

Love makes the world go round, believe me it does.
Singles pine to be with someone and the couples wish to be single,
Couples with kids want to break-free and couples without crave to have kids

We always feel the land on the other side is green when you don’t even have the faintest idea of what their entire journey is about.

Several times I feel like running away from the bondages of life with my laptop and some money to travel.
To the unseen, undiscovered places all by myself meeting strangers as I go by and being in momentary companies.

I know that’s impossible and so impractical, this happens when I get deeply lost in the fantasies of fairytales

Call me cynical but I am sure every person goes through such dreamy phases of life and gets super adventurous in their mad imagination.

I have hardly been good at proving my points verbally and can never make anybody understand my words.

But in my life as an amateur I have understood quite a few things –

To reach the mountain top, you need to do a tedious trekking
The view will improve if not in the beginning but maybe slowly and gradually.

The change in you for someone if not acknowledged ends on a disappointing note  
This in turn makes you worse.

No amount of crying, begging, lamenting can ever make a difference to strong severe tempers
It is best to give them some alone time to recover.

You may find your own reflection in your kids but they will outgrow you,
Be the best guardians and bring them up well.

So on and so forth!!!

A very special person in my life called me a brainless donkey so much that I ended up behaving like one
A very special person in my life called me ugly so much that I ended up feeling like one
A very special person in my life labeled me a manly voice so much that I ended up talking like one
A very special person in my life labeled me crooked teeth so much that I ended up holding like one
A very special person in my life called me fatty so much that I ended up posing like one

But this is world, a bunch of people who appreciate for the being you are and a bunch who simply mock at you

But we are all something, something indeed very special
Something we want the whole world to know
Some-one for Some-thing singular.

It is ok to live for yourself
It is ok to open Pandora’s box
It is ok to make blunders
It is ok to fall, get bruised and learn
It is ok to be a cold soup or a stale pizza
Imperfection is beauty and madness brings out masterminds. 

Written for all the men / women who want to revive and recreate magic. 

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