Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Baby’s Day Out

Heard of enchanted forests, gigantic mountains, deep secrets, magical rustling of leaves, narrow rocky passages, crystal clear ponds, big bushy trees in their green attire, pretty little cottages….. Am I taking you back to the land of Fairy-tales?? Yes, I am and I want to...

In the mid weekend of July along with a group of our friends, decided to go out and rejuvenate ourselves – place fixed upon was Polo Forests, a gateway to Rajasthan from North Gujarat, 160 kms from Ahmedabad. This is an ancient place which was used as a hiding for rulers, masked from enemies, people, fuming wives, even from the sun and located between the holy hills on the east and west. I was extremely apprehensive to go for the trip because of the rains and the risks involved while trekking along with an 18 months old baby. 

But taking risks, being adventurous, having fun and posing naughty are all my husband’s traits which are contagious and has passed on to me in these 3 and a half years of wedlock. 

A little description about the baggage we carried, the mommies may find useful  incase if they want to take such an audacious hang out with their little ones and don’t wanna miss out on fun trips just because they have entered their motherhood and anything and everything which involves risks may pose dangerous. The fact is train yourselves and train your baby to be rock strong whatever the situation is. 

Here comes the 90% of our backpack which carried Jianna’s stuff–
1)      3 Tetra packs of milk shake
2)      4 Tetra packs of fruit juice
3)      A small packet of Oats
4)      A packet of wheat cookies
5)      4 little packets of Chocos
6)      2 Lollipops – to be given only if the baby gets cranky
7)      Mineral Water
8)      Rain Coat
9)      8 pairs of Pants
10)   4 - Full sleeved t-shirts
11)   1 half sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt
12)   Cap
13)   Medicines for fever, cold and loose motions, neospirin ointment, band-aid and cotton ball for cuts and bruises
14)   A packet Diapers – minimum 10
15)   Towel
16)   Talcum Powder,  Moisturizer, sanitizer  and liquid hand wash with a tight leakage proof cover
17)   Mosquito repellant cream
18)   Shawl
Not that this was Jianna’s 1st trip but the outing was a totally different journey altogether. We started in the wee hours of the day from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat and reached in 3 hours and by that time we were already hungry like dogs. The Polo Forests resort served us Fresh vegetable sandwiches and tea.
On the way - taken from the bus

The Forest Resort Cottage

The mommies and kids rested for a while in the two cottages booked in advance– refreshed ourselves and the kids then finally got ready with our rain gears to venture into our trekking adventure. So it began with a lot of enthusiasm.
Before we began our trekking

The moment we started climbing the steepy rocky path, there it began a super heavy rainfall. Hubby carried Jianna all along the way, keeping his balance and concentrating every inch of the step taken and also being careful since it was dense forests, you never know from where things come from. It took us 45 minutes to climb the mountain in the rains and the moment we reached the peak, rains stopped. What an amazing achievement it was!!!
Yipppeee......On the rocky top!!!

After a short resting and a little victory photoshoot, the descend began which was comparatively less taxing but required a lot of attention on the path treaded. Rains had made them slippery. The descend path also had old ruins of a temple portraying beautiful architecture, a well like structure with rooms adjacent to it. Then came a water body, I got no words to describe it because it looked so magical with clear running water, surrounded by lush green trees.

A few shots below – 

The green - lushy view 

Our group

Besides the magical pond

By 2pm we sat for lunch - it was a simple lunch served to us from a cook in the temple. Menu included - Hot Puris, potato ki bhaaji and warm melting gujab jamuns. We packed to return our humble abode by 5pm, on the way we stopped to have - kadhi and gotas. It rained again and the temperatures fell again. Kadhi and Gota's taste graph increased to the highest level and we gorged on it till our tummies were full. 

Jianna had her stuff to eat and drink so there were no issues from her end. She savoured every bit of the moment and was on her bestest behaviour, do I need to ask her more??? 

We were back home safely by 10pm. Hope our picnic spirits stay alive like this always and we see many more places as we go by. 

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