Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Book Bucket Challenge continues.....

Firstly the Ice Bucket Challenge for Charity, then the Rice Bucket Challenge again for Charity and now the Book Bucket Challenge…though I don’t have the faintest idea about the reasons behind but yes I did complete this challenge on Facebook just for funsake and very honestly it served me well coz’ it made me recollect all the inspirational reads which were simply read and forgotten about.
I have been an ardent book lover all my life, it kicked off with Fairy Tales, Tinkles, Archies, Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, Enid Blytons, Nancy Drews, St. Clares, Malory Towers, Sweet Valley Twins etc etc. Motherhood did gave this a liking a backseat but somehow I managed to keep it alive reading the shorter stuff.

Here I have listed my top-ten:
The Alchemist – My brother lured me to read Alchemist and then I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I don’t have the habit of reading books in one sitting (health conscious of not straining my eyes) and this is the only book I have read at one go so far. Santiago, the protagonist who pays heed to his dreams, gets them interpreted and makes all his sincere efforts to reach his final destination. There are times when he gets traumatized which makes him all the more vulnerable but it was completely his choice to keep himself going and focused on his goals. Destiny is actually the prize of our words, actions and deeds. 

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank – This one book has touched me to the core and I was myself in my teens when I read it. Anne Frank was thirteen when she started writing her journal and called her diary “Kitty”. She considered it to be her closest friend where she could pour out her feelings and confide her secrets. This Diary speaks about Anne’s audacity to the various heart-tearing incidents of her life, how positively she looks upon future, how maturely she deals with situations wherein she has to forcibly scrap out the child in her and act like an adult. She was closest to her father, Otto Frank and it was he left no stones unturned to get diary published and till date we remember her.   

The Almighty by Irving Wallace – This book is a ride of thrill, adventure and suspense. Though I am not a person of this genre, I enjoyed reading this book out of my father’s collection. The story of Edward Armstead’s hunger for power and the determination to exceed his father’s position drives him to great extents. His obsession to being the most powerful knew no bounds. Uncover the tale as you start to read on…..the heights of passion and madness brought to you by Irving Wallace. 

If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon – My first book from the Sheldon’s fraternity and then there was no ending to my Sidney Sheldon list. The heroine, Tracy Whitney is a beautiful woman working in the Banking sector, everything seemed rosy with her soon-to-be wedding to her Prince Charming, until one day when her mother calls in to say Goodbye forever. Her life gets topsy-turvy for once, never to get back……  Then begins her expedition of retaliation to all who played the leading roles in ruining her life. An awesome plot by an awesome writer.   

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne  This story is about Phileas Fogg, a rich English man who lives alone with his helper. He is not a very social person but is an active member in the Reform Club. One days he gets into an argument with the fellow members of the Club and enthusiastically accepts the bet to travel the whole world in 80 days. He then embarks on his journey accompanied by his helper, Passepartout. At the same time, a detective has been sent from London in search of a Bank robber. The detective mistakes Fogg to be the robber and sets off behind him. Read to know about his adventures and whether is he able to sail through his bet or not. 

P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern -  I can’t tell you how much I cried reading this book and watching the movie. I am a die-hard romantic person. This is a story of Holly and Gerry, how Gerry leaves 10 letters for Holly after he leaves the world and shows her that Life has to move on. Each letter encourages her to be up for the day and has a task assigned to her. Finally at the end, Holly has come out of her closet of sorrow and is all fresh and bright to start a new life ahead. It’s a must read for all the romantics like me. 

The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling – Welcome to the world of witch and wizadry!! I entered here when I was 13 years old and it left me bowled over completely. I was smitten because this book was not a plain fairy tale but a saga of – divine love, selfless sacrifice, undying friendship, the defeat of evil over good, the strong characters and the burning passion of accomplishing the task they have jumped into. Each book got better and no matter how many times you read, it is always like you are in the magical world and yes, why should I not mention that Chocolate always makes you feel the best…..  

The Ranch by Danielle Steel – This is a story of 3 friends who re-unite after twenty years in a Ranch, one summer. They were the best of friends in college and shared minutest details of their lives. But after twenty years, all the three have their own set of sorrows but hesitate to open up. Finally after a couple of days together and the sinking in, brings upon a fresh tide which helps them heal, which helps them open-up and bring back the sunshine into their lives. 

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Ebenezer Scrooge is a miser and is only interested in making more and more money. He is never bothered about other’s feelings and lacks sensitivity. This continues until one Chirstmas, the ghost of his business partner visits him and shows him the past, the present and the future which changes his life for good. He starts treating everyone with love, kindness, generosity and compassion. A beautiful story with a lot of Christmas element. 

Silas Marner by George Eliot – This story revolves around the title character Silas, how he got betrayed by his closest friend which made him lose the love of his life, with whom he was getting married to. He leaves his own village and starts living in recluse only caring about his little wealth and working in his own world. One day, to his dismay finds his hard earned Gold stolen and this shatters him until he finds a pretty little girl whom he calls “Eppie” and she changes his life completely. This book also speaks about how people are rewarded and punished based upon their deeds. God is great and worthy to be praised!!! 

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