Saturday, 3 May 2014

The little innocent soul who swept my feet off.....

The little milestones in Jianna’s life is a celebration at our place. She lights up every dark corner and pushes out the frowning-scowling time in a jiffy. A baby in your life is a blessing from above.          
Yesterday, to our eyes’ astonishment my baby Jianna joined hands all by herself without anybody’s instructions and started muttering in her baby language, while we were sitting for our family prayer session…..this doesn’t happen daily guys……it’s a rare scene. Though it didn’t go on for a long time, she was just imitating us and trying to say the prayers as fast as we said. This act brought in smiles on our faces and made us realize the fact that she has unknowingly started developing her religious self from within. 

Heres to the little innocent soul who swept my feet off......

To Jianna, With love Mamma….

The very day you were born,
You know you took my heart away.
Now that I strongly adorn
The mother’s role I play.

As I look into your dark innocent eyes,
And find an ocean of curiosity
Deep within whatever lies
Will grow with gradual velocity.

The little steps to the running around
Keeping me on my toes;
The little hugs to your chirpy sound,
Erasing all my woes.

Your giggles and smiles fill my day,
Despite the titsy-bitsy tantrums
Which makes me well grey.
Doubt if I allow humdrums anyway.

Days will fly quick and fast;
With books, pens and erasers.
Dance up to the last,
To live and be the acers.

You are my ray of sunshine,
And the dream come true.
Like a pretty princess pine,
Whom I would always tend to...

My sincere prayers forever,
Be the rock of gold,
Strike out your fear,
Go strong as your life enfolds.

- Anjana Jins 
  Dated - 3rd May, 2014

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