Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Wedding Album

Come Weekend and you plan on a list of to-do things which 
for me usually turns out to be a FLOP-SHOW as there are so many things on my plate which come on priority at the last moment and of course, why shouldn’t I blame the heat blessed upon Gujarat the moment summers set-in…..Phew….!!!

I am a hard core last minute person, my parents thought that I might change after getting married, my hubby thought that I might change after being a mommy but I am still the same old person – though motherhood has lately improved my graphs, yes, my little Jianna is giving me a hands-on training daily - to bathe and get dressed fast, to eat quickly, to watch the Idiot box less, movies have become once in blue moon, to pre-plan short journeys, to be patient and the list will go till I end. This weekend experienced an unexpected visit from one of my very old childhood friends with her parents after almost years of a good gap which lead to wavering of my planned schedule. No sooner than they entered and there began a heap of sharing the latest news, briefing of the developments, the changes and the new beginnings happened in the last few years - out of which first included showing of my most sought after story book – THE WEDDING ALBUM.

My wedding album is something I cherish a lot and it is widely said, “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”…..and here are few reasons as to why this is ext
remely special for me and why I treasure it so much –

*      Wedding is the DAY which changes your life completely – its the new chapter, the new step, the new life and the new WORLD you enter into with a whole bagful of excitement, anxiety and to sum it up - mixed emotions. The Wedding Day celebration can be compared to a farewell from your parents’ place and the welcoming into a new HOME. So, won’t that be special in every girl’s life???? Capturing the best pictures in a 10-page book and going back through them whenever you wish to is indeed priceless.

*      Have you gone through those lovely fairy tale story books, the attractive cover pages, the beautiful images and the effects which it had on us as a kid…..believe me the effect it had on me is still fresh till date. Fairy tales always took me into a magical world and I was a very good dreamer. My wedding album gives me more than this feeling, nevertheless, it speaks the story of my life right from when I was born till my Honeymoon -  its embedded in it!!! 

*      An album speaks the story of you at the time you were photographed. Not just how I looked during those times, but also how I felt when those pictures were captured. It reflects them all and are irreplaceable moments.

*      Albums can be carried anywhere and everywhere. They don’t work on conditions apply. Everytime I hold it in my hands and show it off to my friends and family – my eyes light up. I can’t wait Jianna to grow up, to talk to her about my days, my wedding excitements and to show this Picture Story Book of my wedding.

*      And the most significant reason which I recently discovered was - when my 17 months old Jianna exclaimed “Mamma” on going through the wedding album and kissing my pictures as she went by…..Doesn’t this sound an “ICING ON THE CAKE”???? This also means that even after 3 and a half years of my marriage and even after becoming a Mommy…. I somewhere and still retain my wedding charm. Could I be happier??? Blush….Blush…!!!!! She couldn’t recognize her Daddy since he was clean shave then and now he sports a Frenchie.

So, these are one of the many ways Jianna gives me surprise happy moments that makes me blow my horn about.        

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