Thursday, 19 June 2014

For my beloved……

In my solitude and search,
You came like a sunshine,
With all the goodness you hold
Brightened my life.
Spanking new friendship
Evolving with time
I craved your presence
For the rest of my while
The long chats seemed eternal
Hugs and touches treasured
Little Luncheons brought us closer
Monsoon kept us alive.
Then came the day
To walk down the aisle
Take our vows before the alter
And unitedly step into a new chapter.
Of all the untrodden paths we walk
The ups, the downs,
The fights, the giggles,
The worship we share will scale higher
Never to leave each other
You are my breath, my existence,
You are my soul and every heart-beat
God put together as one
In your embrace, I find all the care
In your words, I find all the trust
My sincere promises to be hand in hand
For all the trials and tribulations.

If given a choice, I would choose you again
To live, To love, To learn
I could ask no better a person
Than you, to be with, forever….and ever
Till death do us part!!!

Anjana Jins, Dated:19th June, 2014

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