Monday, 7 July 2014

Saving Books – Saves Reading

School days – I remember sneaking my favourite authors  home, well away from my mother’s eyes. She was fed up of my addiction to Carolyn Keens, Enid Blytons, R.L. Stines, 
J.K. Rowlings…
College Days – Mother realized for good that my addiction had no medicines.

Mother is disappointed, do you know why?? I don’t get time for books from my digitized life which majorly revolves  around Laptop, Mobile & Television.

Will the next generation see a world devoid of books and papers? Do we have any doubts?


Times have changed so has the lifestyle, the outlook, the attitude, the standards and the perspective. In an environment where you see more of digitalization, various New-age learning programmes being introduced in almost all the schools like the Smart Class & CREYA Learning, it hardly provides them an opportunity to feel books and papers. In fact, the schools themselves are working and preparing children for the technology of tomorrow. Libraries are not in vogue today.

The most popular books gets made into a movie – Which one will you prefer?
Wasting a minimum of 3 days reading a book or rather sit in an air-conditioned hall for 2-3 hours and you remember the story for lifetime. In a world which is so technology savvy most of them would prefer for the latter and why not???? We are so occupied with work, family, not to forget - twitter, whatsapp and facebook.   

The inclination to reading – be it the daily newspaper or the big shot authors; facilitates to channelize your thinking, your perception towards the society at large, sharpens your creativity, shapes your future and strengthens your mental ability to conceptualize and forecast aspects of life. The tools used now are like those ready-to-eat stuff which doesn’t require any thinking – you blankly following the instructions on the label. What a mundane life!!!

I don’t really agree that kids who read are type casted as socially incapable nerds, I rather call them a cloistered group who have a different way of thinking & living but yes the reader kids are definitely mocked on by their peers who patriotically belong to the world of game-rooms, computers, play-stations, mobiles & movies These kids look upon reading as a mediocre hobby because from their point of view it is plainly sitting at one place without using brains. This wrong approach towards reading is what keeps them away from books. The idea is to promote and encourage reading for a better growth and development as a person.

Have we heard “Charity begins at Home”? So the first step towards reading should begin from our homes and schools. I have always loved reading, its not my habit or a routine followed but its something I enjoy doing. I started with Fairy Tales like how every little girl does – it took me to the world of fairies-pixies-goblins-magic-miracles-fantasy and being a hard-core dreamer nobody could beat my imagination.

Ask my brother what an absolute professional story teller I was…!!! 

I wouldn’t conclude saying that reading has taken a back-seat totally because readers and writers both have increased in number, so are the platforms to express. The exposure given is wide and has reached many corners of the world. My point is even the avid readers are being carried away by technology and there exists a strange scenario wherein the traditions of reading are getting eradicated with time.

We had enough of Save Trees, Save Water, Save Girl Child campaigns…. Why not begin with a new one– 
                 "Save Books – Save Reading"


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