Thursday, 3 July 2014

Well..... Come to Kerala!!!

Its been a month that I am back from my Kerala trip but it still pulls me back to its misty mountains, wavy beaches, graceful rivers, tall coconut trees, rows of rubber trees, squeaky clean-steep roads and lush greenery around…..what more could you ask if you have all these things right at your doorstep….Kerala is indeed a heaven on earth.

I was at my in-laws place located around the hills of Tiruvalla district. We have a Pomeranian dog, a cow, a pussy cat with a nice bushy tail and a few hens. Though ours is the only house around that area – these are the lives which bring a good deal of pomp and sound to the place.
Here are few pics of our Pets -

Jianna with Cookie


You never feel the loneliness pinching you, you never feel that you are not loved, you never feel that you are unwanted, you never feel that you are weak, you never feel that you are under stress, there is no room for boredom and you are always close to nature. Oops forgot to mention the organic produces of our very own kitchen garden……
Metros are minting handsome money which comes absolutely….FREE….FREE…..FREE to my in-laws. 
Kudos for the maintenance and the step towards healthy and clean eating!!!

The one week we stayed was spent on EATING & VISITING our near and dear ones. Our plates largely included the organic stuff– Strong cups of Coffee, Boiled Tapiocas, Fresh Coconuts, Unadulterated Milk, Pesticide free - Juicy fruits like- Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Jack Fruit, vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, Okras, bottle gourds and then of course fresh seafood, steroid-free Chicken, healthy duck and what not….). Yes, we did explore the bakeries around and ate a hell lot of yummilicious cheesy- creamy- meaty varieties. Had I spent over a fortnight, I would have had to hit a gym after I returned…..that is the reason I love short flying holidays which makes me crave for more till the next visit and doesn’t get you saturated. 

A glimpse of our backyard produces....  

Boiled Tapiocas

Amidst the loads of visiting-meeting our near and dear ones, there was one day which was exclusively reserved for the backwaters, boathouse, beaches and churches. That trip was the most amazing of all. We started at 5:00am in the morning, the drive through the narrow roads subsequently touching the highways, passing through curvy rivers and the greens looked like taking a ride in a garden.  

Here are few Pics of the Churches, Roads - 

Before reaching the Allepey Beach, we halted for Breakfast – the menu included Duckroast, Egg Curry, Kerala Parothas and Tea. Sorry, we were so hungry that we hogged on to the food as soon as it arrived and couldn’t click pics of the laid down platter.
So these are just the few I have –

On reaching the beach, Jianna was thrilled to see the big Camels and ……though she didn’t dare to go near them alone….!!!!
A pic –

Few shots from the Houseboat Cruise –

Then there was a day of trekking but we got a little late to see the sunrise - 
View from the Top --------

From the mountain top

While climbing towards the top

We were all teary-eyed towards the end and the journey back home to our respective places and the usual routine began once again.

Bye Bye....Kerala.....until we meet again!!! 

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