Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I am Blank Because......

I’m weird because……
I am a Commerce student but I hate accounts.
I am a Keralite but I hate spicy food.
I am the lady of the house but I have a bad memory.
I love pink to the heights that I wanted a baby girl and I had one.
I still talk, smile and play DIVA of my world.

I behave like I am the world’s best cook.
I still dance in front of the TV when nobody’s home.
I watch emotional romantic scenes repeatedly and cry along.
I love old books with yellow pages.
I like being the boss at home.
I love trying out new outfits as many times I can.
I like socializing but I am bad at remembering faces.
I love milk but I hate kheer.
I hate torn, filthy bus and car seats.
I hate going to Banks and vegetable markets.
I enjoy adventure but find difficult to initiate one.
I love animals but never as pets
I re-re-re-read Enid Blytons for the fact that it pulls me back to my school days.
I fear speed.
I still love fooling my brother.
I am more creative when I blog from my office.

I’m a bad friend because…
I get lazy for the outings.
I hate long conversations on phone.
I’m a good friend because…
I always keep in touch.
I love my besties.
I am a reliable confidante.

I’m sad because…
Even with all my efforts, I often hurt my loved ones.
Nobody has ever understood me.
My right intentions are never taken in the right spirits.
My hard work is hardly appreciated.
For the unexpected skin break-outs
I can never control my tears.

I’m happy because….
My family supports and loves me.
I have my little Jianna who loves on putting my lipsticks.
I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
I have the best colleagues.
I am doing well at work front.
I have a good wardrobe and can afford for more.
I am stronger than I was before.
I am actively blogging these days

I’m excited for….
The 4 consecutive holidays’ approaching beginning from Independence Day.
That I will soon get my laptop back
J’s betrothal & wedding
Much awaited Tandoori fest
A’s arrival to the city
Weekend shopping – probably diamonds 

P.S. -
I loved this link that Corinne shared in her post - LittleMiss Momma's Post - I'm Blank Because..., a fill in the blanks exercise.

I’m linking this post to her post and hey you can do it too and if you do please leave a comment with your post link here and in Little MissMomma’s blog!

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