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My take on Inter - religion marriage

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"I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it."--Seth (Nicolas Cage), City of Angels

Awww…so romantic and this usually takes place before the couple get hitched. The portrayal of deep in love emotions and ready to bring the stars for each other attitude, soon after marriage vanishes & they are on each others’ nerves which attracts problems unlimited and even the pettiest matter is blown out of proportion. Marriage is not only the unison of the couple but also of the two families. I agree love should never be based on caste, creed, religion, colour, race, status, etc. Love should always be unconditional.

But after all we are Indians and Indian mentality is always present at the back of our minds. Have we seen how  pirated things work? They are good in the beginning and after sometime they don’t work at all because the make is poor. Similarly, no matter how hard we try to copy western culture but at the end of the day we are people who knowingly – unknowingly, consciously – unconsciously follow the Indian approach towards marriage.    

India proudly speaks about its rich and varied heritage.
Now what does that mean???? We cling a lot to the things of the past, yes, including me…..without a doubt.

To show a lot of liberal attitude and broad minded outlook in the current modern age scenario, everyone will vote for inter-religion marriage but when it comes to your child / your sister-brother / any of your loved one, there are many who will follow “THE RICH HERITAGE” and hesitate on their stand.  

A few reasons as to why Inter-religion marriage is still a taboo in India:
1)      Ruining of Family Status
2)      Hard to accept a new religion
3)      Letting off the Age old strong traditions
4)      Difficulty to adjust and be flexible with the moving world
5)      Confusion of the faith follow

I personally have no qualms for inter-religion marriages since it is gearing up in our country though slowly but gradually. Even the graphs of the success rate of such marriages have comparatively increased. The primary problem is the mind-set. The willingness to accept another religion after more than 20 years of faith formation is a big step for which one needs to be fully prepared.    
Inter-religion marriages sounds really exciting, there is an exchange of cultures, festival celebrations, sense of respect develops for each other’s religion and, what better platform to express unity in diversity to our family members as well as to country men???  

Let the world know that religion is simply following traditions and myths. There is just One God and One Religion – i.e. LOVE.  

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