Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On Homophonic lines – Not to let the Knot Go...!!!

Woke up on my sole and raised my soul

To be with you and see the sea

Hear the gush of the wave and waive off the rush

For a piece of peace and to feel for…… the

One whom I had won for the rest of my being

I did sail for week by week, without getting weak

My shining knight in all the darkness and the night

Standing on the stair and won’t just stare

We did go through every weather, whether rough or smooth

I know you hate loneliness, No it won’t last long  

However two is a company……which is too nearing

Just take away the weight of the solitary reaper

Behold the sight, will only be good, I cite

In our world, where nothings’ gonna be whirled

Conquering the throne, with impious thrown

Here I sum it up, that some day we shall

Tail up our tale of not to let the knot go 

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