Thursday, 18 September 2014

Finding Me

I found myself the day I was born,                                
With several faces beaming at me.

Then I found myself when my brother was born,
When hardly anybody was looking at me.

I found myself when I entered School,
With all my classmates in a crying spree.

Then I found myself when I danced on the stage,
The audience broke in their claps and glee.

I found myself when I won applauds,
For the work I did with all sincerity.

Then I found myself in the groups & team,
When I capped the leading tree.

I found myself when I bagged my first job,
And the whole wide world waiting to see.

Then I found myself in being special,
My Prince Charming proposing to me.                                    

I found myself on being the bride,
With all the praises and beauty.

Then I found myself playing the wife,
With a string of infinite anxiety.

I found myself when I became a Mommy,
On beck and call for my baby.

Then I found myself nurturing her,
With all my heart and surety.

I am finding myself with every new step,

Wondering where will I grow up to be.

This post is linked to Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt this week.

'I, me and myself'

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