Sunday, 21 September 2014

Gratitude Unfurls Magic!

She woke up with a black eye, swollen face, bruises all over her body and a battered soul. She was left unconscious on the floor yesterday after she had raised her voice over her opinions not being taken into consideration. On seeing herself in the mirror, she was taken aback on how inhuman can a man be!!!

Like every girl, she had all the flowery dreams of leading a beautiful smooth life with her soul mate. She had met him in a press conference arranged by the company she had worked for around 2 years back and had instantly hit upon the right cords. In 3 months, he had proposed her for marriage. Being from the same religious backgrounds, both the families didn’t have any qualms of opposing them from getting hitched. So in a few months marriage followed through with a lot of pomp and show. Invitees couldn’t stop raving about the celebrations as well as how lovely the two of them looked as a couple, for days together. For her, it was all like a dream come true. How many of us get the person we love?                  

Time passed, marriage didn’t seem like a bed of roses……of course it never is!! Their daily arguments and fights were getting heightened and one day he slapped her bad. The person who had promised her parents that she will be always taken care of well had suddenly started behaving like an animal. There were times she thought to take the extreme step just to put an end to all the growing differences, fights and arguments. But how could she be so selfish? Will that not matter to her loving family??

Her husband started calling her a “B***h”. Although she loved her husband with all her heart, he didn’t trust her feelings. Although she went upto her extents to make him happy, he said she is faking it. Although after every fight, she went upto him to forgive her and forget, he was never considerate enough to empathize with her. Although she took care of every little thing at home, he neither appreciated nor gave a helping hand. Although his decisions were implemented, he said he was never respected enough. Although she did her best to improve on her part, he compared her with other wives.  His aggressions increased with time, so did his verbal abuse. He wanted his decisions to be a YES always. Maybe there were ample of reasons behind his fierce behavior, but is physical and verbal abuse the only solution to get the lines correct??

Why is it that men always want to dominate about their existence? I am sure, there will be plenty like her in every corner of the world silently bearing all the brunt and leading a life which she seldom wanted. Can there not be a sense of gratitude for all that she does? Where is the sensitivity gone? Where is the humanity disappeared? Why is the fairer-sex always subdued by her male counterpart? Why do men enjoy competing with them?

Questions lie unanswered…..questions lie untouched…..questions lie unresolved…….!!!
That’s where GRATITUDE comes into PICTURE. One act of gratitude can undoubtedly unfurl a lot of MAGIC in our lives. 

Yesterday was WORLD GRATITUDE DAY and here I show my gratitude, I am so grateful to have been bestowed with a wonderful family – husband, parents, brothers and sisters. May God Bless you all always!!! 

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