Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Healthy Kids maketh a Happy Home

Her crackle of laughter gives me life
Her smile makes my day
Her activities keep me on toes
Her questions get me thinking
Her milestones are my winning moments 
Her surprising reactions are worth talking about

I am a two year old mother, raising my little one almost single-handedly due to the job me and my hubby are in, which is soon going to be off-air……Phew….Thank God coz’ I am so much looking forward to the so-called “Family Time” I am getting deprived of now!!

Come season change and there begins the phase of sleepless nights, frequent visits to the ped, heavy course of anti-biotics, partnered with ‘ghar ke nuskhe” and finally it ends up you being in bed too.   Being a single mom, I have had the best and worst of both the worlds especially when it comes to health issues where your precious bundle of joy is involved and a first-timer Mom has all the anxieties, tensions and apprehensions. I am sure there will be many who can connect with my mind’s state of affairs.

Imagine a day, you get up to find out that your baby is sick… feels like the world has come to an end. I am recently back from my Kerala trip for my brother-in-law’s engagement and believe me the strongest prayer was to keep my little one fine throughout the trip. Yes, it was a train journey back and forth with a lot of hangover thereafter but come what may, I had to keep up the best of moods and spirits and yippee I nailed it. A child is the heart of the home because I know if my little one is down, the routine gets a stand still and sunshine suddenly changes its direction.

In our “To-Journey” to Kerala, we met a couple who originally hailed from Lakshadweep and were going to Ernakulam for their 3-year old son’s heart surgery. I was taken aback for a moment because the parents were so strong and child didn’t exhibit a single discomfort. A lively, happy family was all that was seen across when you all can picturize the amount of tension and nervousness they must have been going through all the while. They were such a beautiful family to be with all the 3-days in the train sharing their exciting stories of living in an island where the Muslims favour the female fraternity to the core. We ended up exchanging numbers and are still in touch.

In the “From Journey” we met a mother who was returning after completing her 17 year old daughter’s last rites. She had passed away after several brain tumour operations and of being in coma for 23 days. She showed us her daughter’s album, shared her life’s story making all the co-passengers emotional towards the end. My Aunty is still in touch with her.

There goes this famous Chinese proverb, “To understand your parents’ love, you must raise children yourself”. This is so true. I never knew my mother’s emotions till I became a mother myself and now I realize how unconditional parents’ love is. 

Taking care of your child’s immunity with healthy fruits and vegetables, pulling them back from junk food, avoiding giving-in to their demands and making them aware of cleanliness and hygiene are the basic few steps which if taught and practised at home can make a large difference. Ayurveda has been ruling since ancient times and has tasted success. Tonics, Oil, Lehiyams, etc have always been our best friends to strengthen immunity, bones, digestive system and skin. My In-laws are hard-core Ayurved fans and they have always prescribed me medicines accordingly and voila.....their effectivity cannot be competed. They make you fit from the roots. 

Lets take a pledge to clean eating and make a better immune country!!      

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