Monday, 1 December 2014

The Mommy Talk

Little Jianna will be turning two soon and I have got so much to look back and forward. I wanna pat myself for where I did a great job and spank myself for where I failed miserably. Time flies I must say and it seems just yesterday that I held her – so tiny, so delicate, so pink. Now she is all of two years old, walking and running on her own, yapping away in her cute Hindi sentences with a few English playing peek-a-boo (getting confused between “Who is this? and What is this?”), admiring her own self in the mirror, trying out my high-heeled sandals, asking for my lipsticks and blush, moving in rhythm to her favourite tunes, fluttering her eye lashes with her classic girly expressions, demanding her dolls and toys (as if it’s her birth right), throwing tantrums to get her ways work and making sure to keep me on toes. My bundle of joy melts me down and erases my stress away.  
People still hover around me and surround me with tips and tricks to raise my baby, settling on a point, proving and labeling that you are not being the Best Mother. (Strange)
Haven’t we all heard this popular saying by Rudyard Kipling,

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." 

I am a mother too and being in the MOTHER CLAN this applies to me as well. I will always execute the best of my capacity and even more for my little one. Why should I leave stones unturned? My baby means the world to me. No mother can ever think of giving the worst to her kids, she will go to the ends for them, persevering to achieve the finest.   

Then comes a bunch that keep judging and comparing every little soul. Do they don’t know that not every baby grows in an equal pace and all are special in their own image. I hate to drill my baby – scrutinize every word and action. Let us give our kids space to grow, explore and discover. Their adventures take a new turn every day. I am not putting down on supervision, of course that is a crucial part in the growing-up years. But why take away their innocence and childhood?? A matured baby – does that sound exciting to you? It shouldn’t. Jianna is like any other kid and I am like any other mother. She behaves, she gets naughty, she eats well, she doesn’t eat at all. I am patient, I am hyper, I am emotional, I am practical, I am active, I am tired….. now this is all humane. So, let us understand our children and their sentiments. 

I know parenting is a tough job. Every new phase, we have to keep adapting ourselves. Kids change with age – there runs an emotional turmoil and if we as parents don’t understand them and think from their perspectives, who else will? I honestly feel that love does all the magic. It is the key to all the closed doors. Lack of love and loneliness has major negative after effects than giving them a lot of love and company. The sense of neglect can hamper the mental growth and development. So, shower a lot of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and REPEAT!!!    

Then comes a lot, “Oh your baby is two years old – when are you planning for the second one?” This usually comes from the two extreme ends – elderly and the young, former are past the phase which is all forgotten and wound up, latter are clueless about the phase but feel they can be on the advisory board of Child Care and Development. They never think about the female who goes through all of it and are hardly bothered about her mindset. They are not bothered about her physical ailments or psychological traumas. They only feel that a single child in the family means you are at a greater risk of getting a spoilt brat in future which is absolutely baseless. It is totally on how you are brought by your parents. I have a huge circle of friends wherein the singletons have proved to be more helpful, friendlier, independent, more giving, wiser and having good inter-personal skills, whereas the twosomes and threesomes were more of wanting everything to themselves because they have had too much of giving and sharing at home and outside. They want a lot of their ME-TIMES. Now what does that mean? It all depends upon how good you are as a human being and how well you were brought-up. There are brothers / sisters who have ugly fights and end-up ruining the entire family peace, happiness and unity. There are brothers / sisters who excel and bring name and fame to the family with their solidarity. There are pros and cons in both the cases so why not leave to the couple to decide upon the extension of the family because it is they who know the best for themselves.   

Then comes a lot who believe that Mommies should stop taking care of themselves and their priority must be her kids. They never think if Mommies stop taking care of themselves and only look after her children; won’t she get worn out soon? Doesn’t her life, her needs, her desires, her dreams mean anything? Why should she shun away from all her pleasures? Doesn’t she have the right to live for herself? I HATE the fact when mommies stop ignoring their health, skin, dressing etc and behave their life has come to an end. 

Buckle-up ladies…..let us not destroy our identities. Renew…Rejuvenate...Rejoice for you have a long way to go. Motherhood should add and refine your beauty. Go tell the world, I am enjoying and happy in this phase. Nothing can be better than giving out rays of positivity. There should be absolutely no regrets.
I honestly believe - like wine, I am getting better and yes I am!!! Pick out the greys and erase away the wrinkles coz’ the time is NOW.

If you think the way I do…..give me a HUG back. Tada…..!!!

(P.S. – This was supposed to be Jianna’s Birthday post but since I wrapped up the article sooner, I thought I shouldn’t waste time waiting for the D-day.)

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