Monday, 9 March 2015

# Start A New Life!!

I had never been out of my parents’ nest until the time I got hitched. Always under a protected roof, no responsibilities to shoulder, got all my necessities and luxuries…. I was indeed blessed with what I call a cakewalk life!!! Never did I know that marriage will change my life completely. It was in the vein of stepping into a new world and you can’t even return. A bagful of fond memories is all that you take with. Isn’t that hard enough? I am all choked as I pen down these lines.

No matter how beautiful the place you have ventured out to, no matter how amazing your better half is, no matter how co-operative your new family members are, no matter how exciting is to set up your new abode is, no matter how welcoming your new friends and neighbours are, no matter how glowy-lovely you look post wedding – all that matters to you is your good old life and everything associated.

For me, it was as if the world has come to an end as I embarked into a new phase of life. I was absolutely naïve, extremely apprehensive, knew nothing on how to live and take care of my home. The only thing I enjoyed was shopping and shopping, eating and eating, hanging and hanging around to see new stuff. The first city after marriage is something I always look upto, it did teach a lot….. though not during the moments I lived but yes it assisted in the new city I moved after 11 months of marriage.

There, yes, I must say that I took off the plane indeed smoothly. I can never forget the flat we rented, the parish we went to, the community we belonged to….. I still miss all of them. Four years of my marriage and four different cities – different cultures, different people, different ways of settling down, the initial sinking in concerns, hefty expenditures, long wait to get the reimbursements etc have become a part of life now.

Once upon a time, I had learned the theories of financial management, I had learned the theories of organizations, I had learned the theories of resource management, I had learned the theories of conflict management, I had learned the theories of statistics, I had learned the theories of comparisons, I had learned the theories of needs and luxuries, demand and supply – the list seems to be boringly endless and how I had cribbed cramming them all and how cruel I had been to the economists and makers of all such theories.

Now I know the importance of it all!! Though I have been an administration professional, I have actually used all the mugged up theories to make my home – knowingly or unknowingly. It shapes and makes you. Never do we realize and analyse certain things till the time you meditate and ponder upon your life’s journey. It actually has all the answers to each and every question.  

Sit back all by yourself with a cuppa coffee, maybe on a beautiful weather and rewind your thoughts. Let the positive you speak, control + alt + delete the negative vibes and see for yourself how long you have managed to nourish yourself with your life’s ventures, adventures, endeavors and feats.
And for all those who haven’t embarked yet, muscle up guys….. the world is a beautiful place.  

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