Tuesday, 17 March 2015

# Together in this journey

My transfer to Pondicherry was sudden struck and my excitement could get no better with the thought of staying close to the French colony, their systematic town planning, several colonial buildings, ancient churches, the beautiful rocky beaches, the mesmerizing architecture….no wonder it is popularly known as ‘The Europe of India’.

I couldn't wait so advertised about my over flowing happiness to my family and friends. Almost everyone had planned their imaginary trip to Pondy at the break of my relocation news – naturally, who wouldn’t want to get discounts rather free-stays when they come down for tours ….but the fact is they hardly come down and keep post-poning to an extent that when they finally materialize, the person will be no more in the same town. I am sure many of us connect to this…… how same the sagas are everywhere!

I had just a week more to plan things ahead, to wrap up and pack up stuff and go down to this wonderful mystic coastal town. Though I hate humid weather but being in an absolute new place, learning to be independent and explore a multi-cultural place was above all things. I could very well compromise on the sticky climate, monsoon does not last forever anyway.

As the D-day started approaching, my excitement turned to anxiety with more of nervousness and fear of being away from my loved ones. “Oh my God….how can this actually happen? Should I just propose a cancellation to the transfer orders received?”. 

Madness and a whirlpool of emotions which could erupt anytime, I was getting uncomfortable for every person in the region knew about my bidding adieu to the city where my heart forever is. Blame it on my socializing skills….Grrrr!!

The documentation and paper-works regarding my transfer to the new Pondy office was gearing up speedily since there was hardly anytime left. My colleagues and boss were secretly discussing my farewell party which was so open that I had already shopped for an elegant anarkali with a matching pair of wedges. I hate chunky accessories, keeping it to minimal. Even in my emotional set-backs, I never falter in planning my clothes and get-up. How typical girly – womanly of me…..!!!

Finally the farewell party took place, my family was also invited to join the little gathering organized by my office. A delightful evening bidding me the good byes and best wishes for the new venture in Pondicherry, I was all goose bumps because I was still on my plans to get it cancelled. Keeping a smiling face was all I could manage.

Of course, a string of compliments for the anarkali and wedges did boost me up. (Hahahaha) But again the realizations of leaving the city, my family and friends made me come back to square one. After the dinner, which was indeed appetizing (atleast that were the comments from my family) we returned home. In the midst of checking out the gifts and cards received, my Boss’ card read this –

Bang On…. I was completely on my track. Next day I woke up with an extra ray of sunshine, all charged up to overcome my emotional challenges and start for the new journey awaiting ahead. Pondicherry….here I come!!!

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