Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hero, Missed call, Discovery!!!

She was barely at the threshold of her teenage but had fallen deeply in love with this totally unknown tall, dark, handsome guy. He had become the “Hero” of all the bollywood flicks she saw, of all the romantic novels she read, of all the juicy gossips she had and of all the dreams she dreamt.

She often met him at the Community hall of her society and never failed to steal moments just to get his weak-on-knees laugh or simply a gentle brush against him. Her gang of girls ragged her to bits and pieces but that didn’t dissuade her feelings for him.

On one lazy noon when she was all alone at her place sipping on orange juice, a string of missed calls disturbed her land phone. The sudden ringing made her spill a little juice on the floor but ignoring the mess, all she thought was it must be her ‘Hero’ doing it, sending her signals of love and confessing his feelings too. 

Starry eyed she was and jumped at once in the wagon of love, humming her favourite romantic numbers, dancing with her mommy’s red dupatta, lost in her imaginary garden of flowers and trees until she slipped on the spilt juice on the floor and coming down with a sprained ankle.

Nursing her ankle with a few ice-cubes made her feel better and pulled her back to senses. All she wanted was to get back on her feet at the earliest and wear her brand new dress and wedges for the upcoming New Year party.

Charged, pumped up and excited for the society New year celebration. All were slowly gathering and joining in the party. But she was waiting only for her Lochinvar to appear and there he was, looking like a million dollars worth but alas…. Ayanna was extremely disappointed to see this beautiful girl tugging along with him. The locked arms and beaming faces said it all. 

She was green with envy and her dead moods were the toppings of her rising temperature. Her gang of girls were already on the dance floor. She adored dancing but with situations turning topsy-turvy, she whined in disbelief. To her amazement in minutes cupid struck again, her ex-hero had a younger brother too.

She had once read in her romantic novels, “Don't frown, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Ayanna got up, smoothened her crease, smiled and joined her friends. She had discovered her next crush.

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