Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My First Expert - My Mother

It was quite natural that I thought of my mother the most after I bid adieu to my spinsterhood and got wed-locked. And as years passed by, I realized and started appreciating her more for the person she is and the depth of love and compassion she truly holds. Raising children is no easy task and when you have to do it alone after your kids enter their complex phase of teenage, it becomes painstakingly difficult. My father was away for most of the time due to his line of work and major role came to her. Hats off for she did it well and to the best of her knowledge and capacity.

A mother – daughter relationship is one of the fascinating bonds ever found in the world. It lies on the two extreme ends – fierce and defensive love, fierce and defensive arguments, fierce and defensive competition, fierce and defensive care, fierce and defensive differences. Strange, but this is actually and invariably true to the lines. There have been so many times when I have hit on her Achilles heel just to win my squabbles and then when I saw the stains of tears on her face it broke my heart into pieces.   

During my growing up years, my mother was the best teacher I could ever have – the subject didn’t matter to her because she was an expert in every field. An ever-ready problem solver to all the tussles I encountered, her tips and tricks relived me of the burdens, her beauty secrets never went wrong, her selection of clothes earned me a lot of compliments, her words smoothened a lot creases and her support made me stand up through all the challenges which came my way.

Like any other girl, I understood my mother’s love for me only after I became a mother myself. The way I showered love and pampered my baby was the time I realized how my mother must have done years ago when I landed in her arms.

Now I realize her concerns and fears when I went out and got late returning home,
Now I realize her ways of poking into my conversations with my friends,
Now I realize her choice of sharing my stories to amuse her rapt audience,
Now I realize her habit of sacrificing the yummiest part of the pie just to bring about smiles on my face,
Now I realize her custom of buying the best stuff for me and being happy with oldies she has,
Yes indeed, I have known her now.

My mother didn’t have much friends to herself since she was so busy bringing up her kids and looking after the whole of us while my father worked hard to make the ends meet and so far away from us. I am really glad that I was always the friend to her in all her recreations, in all her errands, in all her weak times and in all her happy days.   
I still can’t forget the day when she was diagnosed with cancer, all the hospital rounds, the tests, the surgery and the psychological stress she went through. But today I can rightly say that it was all due to her brave fight back she came out with flying colours and since it was detected at stage 1, due to which she was able to avoid Chemotherapy. I salute her for the woman she is, so complete, so sure and so accurate of her approach towards life.

She taught me to believe in God and that faith moves mountains. Yes, miracles happen. I have witnessed it.

My memories with her are very special and will continue to be. I am one person who lives in the past, dreams about future and forgets present. No wonder, I hold on so much to the wonderful, amazing memories lived and captured forever in my mind. 

Maybe so outlandish but all are spot on correct without any doubts and dilemmas.      

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