Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Love

It was on my holiday to the beautiful tea gardens of Munnar that I first laid my eyes on her. She was just another traveler – tourist like me, lost in her thoughts and going around the place with millions of sparkling stars in her eyes and smiles of amusement on her face. She seemed to be alone since every time I caught her, there wasn’t anybody encircling her vicinity. I had hardly witnessed such beautiful singletons.

We both bumped into each other quite often, as we had our stay arranged in the same resort. Thanks to my wonderful instincts of getting my suite booked here, otherwise, I would have missed such a treat to the eye.

The frequent looks slowly graphed up to exchange of smiles and a hello. One day I invited her to join me for a cup of coffee. She obliged and we sat together talking about Munnar and its mesmerizing beauty. She was neither a tea nor a coffee person. Munching onto crackers our conversation paved way to our life stories. 

I was surprised to know that she was a mother to a 10 year old boy, who was in a Boarding school of Shimla. Her husband was in the Merchant Navy and constantly travelling around the world. She was a writer for a Fashion magazine. No wonder she was highly attractive and carried herself so elegantly.  

With passing time, the conversations deepened, feelings grew stronger, our walks went longer and we both became a habit to each other. I knew she was happily married, a mother to a 10 year old but these moments seemed really magical. Her chirpy talks, cute smile, wavy hair, big fluttering eye-lashes, deep brown eyes and svelte body did all the marvels to me. 

One health conscious freak who never broke her diet rules, maybe that comes very naturally when you are working with a reputed fashion magazine and you are perpetually surrounded with the best of faces from the glamour industry and of course the unannounced press meets and conferences which compels you to look your best no matter the string of stress you inevitably go through.

My frequent compliments to her exuberance and charm made her reveal the beauty tonic. Honey was the secret to her golden glow and she confessed about her resent to unhealthy artificial sweets. Yes, there were cheat days too when she simply partied hard and gorged on every sweet platter she could think of. 

I couldn’t help feeling simply amazed by her tips and tricks to keep her kicking alive and healthy with just relying on Honey – the liquid gold.

Ø  An instant energizer
Ø  Antiseptic properties to keep the wounds and cuts infection free
Ø  Heals sore throats
Ø  Aids in sleeplessness
Ø  Promotes digestion
Ø  Assists in weight management
Ø  Curbs unnecessary hunger pangs
Ø  Great as skin moisturiser
Ø  Protects against heart disease
Ø  Bans cholesterol
Ø  Anti-cancer properties

She didn’t resort to crash diets or unhealthy binging. Her fit body and evergreen face stood as a testimony to it.  

I am this very blunt and straight forward person. Holding on to my emotions and suppressing my sensations was getting tough and the end to my holiday was approaching soon. One day I blurted out my pack of endurance and she sat there with her aura of patience as well as her child-like excitement. Falling for a woman who was several years older than me with the intensity of affection was getting me weak on my nerves. The heated turmoil of endearment revolving in my head was too much to hold. The venting out did good to me. Without saying a word, she smiled, touched my hand, gave a gentle peck on my cheek and left.

The next day I woke up to this message, “All I know is, that you made me feel special”.

I never heard of her again, neither did I make any efforts. Life is indeed stranger than anything that mind could invent.  

This article was written for: Dabur Honey Diet

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