Thursday, 29 October 2015

Precious Pampers

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A couple of my school friends have just ventured into the ramblings of motherhood. On being their audience these days mainly on all the social networking websites and liking the googly-woogly pictures, clearly shows how excited they are, to step into these magical shoes of parenting and everything related.

Now this rewinds me back to the day I heard my little bundle of joy, cry, and I realized my life has changed forever. Individual priorities took a backseat and shuffled instantly – right from my wardrobe, to cosmetics, to supplementary gears, to food and even places to visit. No longer, I lived for myself. Everything belonged to my little munchkins who by far occupied my whole world. Her comfort was all that mattered, even the minutest details were looked upon with much upkeep and care. Her every firsts were considered to be the wonders of Almighty and we couldn’t be thankful enough to his countless blessings bestowed upon us every single day.

Looking at my little one, there are several times, till date, when I am all nostalgic and hark back to my childhood days. Though, we were not always draped in the best of fineries nor did we go to luxurious restaurants nor had any grand birthday celebrations but still those times were simply fantastic. 

With a whooping number of children running around in the open grounds, bicycling the steep-untrodden paths, playing a million games and sweating like pigs with knees getting bruised on every second day, it just didn’t matter a tad bit, rather we came out stronger and bolder as we grew up.

With the generation leap and in this technically aid era of over exposure to knowledge and learning, we are getting ahead of even the core professionals specialized in their respective fields. What is more surprising is, that we are teaching our parents on the basics of child care when we are very well equipped of the fact about our healthy and unadulterated existence. Voice your opinion parents, if you don’t believe my words. (ha..ha..ha!)

By the grace of God, Jianna, has been indeed quite lucky to have had almost all the comforts. Right from her toiletries, to clothes, to toys and baby gears are always and thoroughly checked to the best of our knowledge. Her playtimes are usually fenced with the safest of the things. Soft balls, soft dolls, play mats and gyms, teethers, round edged blocks, shapes, rings made up her toy world when she was an infant. Of course, with age there has been a progress!

A baby’s skin is extremely delicate in the early stage and should be given the utmost attention until the age of 3. Apart from the external physical things, always keep your little ones well hydrated and make sure that you use cosmetics specifically designed for them. Check if they are hypoallergenic and buy such products. Apply creams as soon as they are out of their bath and when their skin is damp. This helps to lock in the moisturizer well.
Don’t use harsh talcum powders and soaps which rips apart the natural oil from your baby’s skin making it dry and rough.   

Lastly, diapers, which occupies a major space of the baby world, I can’t imagine a day without this boon. Ensuring and investing in good quality of diapers is the best gift you can give to your little angels. My choice has always been Pampers.

Initially, I was unaware about the pant style diapers but with the rage amongst the parents’ crowd, I knew I have to buy and try these. Within no time, we became pamper patrons for the following reasons:
  • The material is extremely soft like velvet.
  • The elasticity is like feather touch, so smooth.
  • The absorption capacity is high and keeps your baby’s bottoms dry.
  • Prevents rashes and scratches between the thighs.
  • It is very easy to make your baby wear and even dispose them off.
  • The best part is, it comes with an indicator if the diaper is wet. (Do we need anything more than that?)
We also make sure that even during her sleep, she is comfortable and wakes up with a smile. Thank you Pampers, you have always been in and around keeping my baby happy and taking care of her skin. 

My long journeys have always been smooth, my work hours are undisturbed and my baby sleeps, plays and moves around quite comfortably. As a matter of fact, now at the age of 2.8 she has started wearing her diapers all by her own. 

Call that heights of independency…hahaha!!!

Motherhood is bliss and when you have products like Pampers who takes care of you and your kids, it makes the journey all the more worthwhile. 

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