Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Smile for the love of good food

I always believed in "One should eat to live, not live to eat" until the day I got married to a foodie family, more precisely, to a man who adores good food, knows to judge taste, is extremely observant and can never cook the same dish once again. I label his delicacies as designer pieces.  

Post the Band-Baaja-Baraat, I had no other alternative but to start entering the glorious area of our dainty flat called "The Kitchen" and then there was no looking back. A string of trials and errors in my little laboratory paved way to a fair cook in making. With family extension, responsibilities increased, work pressures scaled higher, time crunch came into picture, lavish dinners & lunch took a backseat and priorities had a paradigm shift. 

This happened on one such evening when we both were extremely tired after a long day's work. The only thing mattered to us was, "whose gonna cook dinner"??? None of us wanted to go out after all the taxing and exhausting work, neither did we desired to consume anything unhealthy. 

Our hunger pangs increased and it was then I remembered my frozen McCain Veggie Burger Patty. Bang on, the time is now, not a second thought and they were fried in a jiffy. All it took was hardly 3 minutes. The burger buns were delivered immediately by our nearby provision store. I sliced few tomatoes, cut the buns from the centre into halves, spread a little cheese, sandwiched the patty, along with lettuce and tomatoes, toasted them with a little butter and a yummy table was laid upon.

The moment it was served, I couldn’t help looking at my husband’s beaming, sparkling face. My 2 year old little girl sneaked away the patties and left her buns to solitude. She happily gorged them with her all-time favourite dip and every family's good old pride....yes undoubtedly tomato ketchup. As for me, the joys of satisfaction quenched my stress and starvation….though I had my full but to see your loved ones relish with pleasure are irreplaceable moments of life.  
 Thanks a bunch McCain, you saved our life for the day. The lip-smacking burgers in hardly 10 minutes were the best I had till date. Since the time of inception I have been a patron of almost all their products and trust my words, they are amazingly yummy and very healthy because it doesn’t soak up a lot oil. They are quick to make and delicious to eat.

All the frozen products are affectionately prepared out of prime quality potatoes and the freezing process undergone is one of its kind. They are both cholesterol and trans-fat free. I am anyway a big-time potato girl and McCain snacks have perpetually topped all my shopping lists. I keep buying all the varieties on a rotational chance – be it smiles, potato nuggets, good old french fries or the cheese shots, I have tried and tasted them all. All are simply irresistible and you will definitely ask for more. My little one’s favourite are the smiley pakoras, that’s how she calls them.

So, next time if you are too stressed out to cook dinner or if you have those surprise visitors at your place or if you are getting late to office / school or if you want to enjoy your monsoon evenings, McCain snacks is all you need; to bring quick happiness and crisp colour to your moments.     

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