Friday, 13 May 2016

He Gave Her 60 Days

It was just like any random visit to her native, catching up with old friends in case if they are town, going out to her favourite food stalls and greedily wolfing the chats and golgappas, buying clothes at the cheapest rates and watching the 90s – 2000s movies to revive her hibernated memories. But it was on one fine day when a memory came alive and gave her so much that her heart couldn’t suffice.

We all know weddings are an open exhibition of jewelry and finery, we see live models (age no bar) walk the ramp. And why not? It is THE PLACE where you unexpectedly bump into many familiar faces be it distant relatives or long forgotten friends. You end up meeting almost all the lost people there. And so it happened somewhat similar to what usually happens.

She missed a breath, skipped a heartbeat when she saw that familiar face beaming right into her eyes and walking straight towards her. Time played spoilsport, didn’t give her even the slightest chance to hide or walk away or pretend as if she didn’t notice him. In seconds, he was beside her and then there was no looking back. But all that they did was, break into a string of giggles and chuckles and laughter which continued for a while.

I wonder, what was that for?? Was that to charge themselves and break into a conversation??? Hmmm…. Maybe…

Daryl and Dave were a rage in their teens and early twenties, they couldn’t keep hands off each other. To everyone around they were an ideal couple and also the envy of every eyes.

Fascinating chapters of histories have long proven that crazy lovers don’t get married. Their stories are only written, learnt, played and talked about. I am sure you might recall a few names now. No offense, my dear married folks, most of us know how it is after the knot ;)    

10 long years had passed, they had not heard each other’s voices. This out of the blue meeting could only cough out laughter, lights of excitement, overflowing happiness, all apparently with an adrenaline rush. Daryl and Dave could only exchange few pleasantries and a little on their whereabouts. Though social networks did its every bit to keep them reasonably known, they hardly knew anything about each other’s lives.

Therefore they say, media is highly deceptive.   

Promising to be in touch they left and owing to the advantage of being in the same old city after eternities, their temptation gave in and they discovered themselves to be back again not in the same bonding of course but in one undefined relationship which was more than friendship and love. They started sharing their life stories, their struggles, their success stories and most importantly their abrupt separation. It had almost brought an end to both their worlds but little had they told each other.

Every morning they woke up with a strange, new-found enthusiasm, to be together. Their conversation was merely playing back the thousand special past and laughing relentlessly, craving, if they could relive them, they would.

Evenings comprised of strolls at a solemn beach away from the rush of the world. There was a strong enticement towards it. The seamless white sand, the gushing of the waves, the sea gulls drifting slowly by and the gentle whispers of the breeze moving through their hair, made alive all the memories attached to that place. 

They would just slip off their shoes, hold hands and rush towards the shore to feel everything they had lost years ago. The crimson sunset alarmed the time to get back home but with a renewed happiness to return the next day.    

They belonged to different worlds, shouldered different responsibilities, carried different unspoken words, had bottled up a different set of emotions but their togetherness made them forget all the worries and uncertainties of the world. 

For Daryl, everything around looked unusually beautiful; even the most irritating, nosy neighbour who never forgot to brag about herself and her family of freedom fighters was welcomed with a genuine smile. She wanted to hug each day in her life, make the most of it. Sometimes you hurt yourself the greatest if you keep your feelings hidden and regrets can last a lifetime. She never wanted to be completely his but it only meant, about being under the sun without any pretenses.  

Both were opening their hearts and feelings; unsaid all these years. They didn’t worry about what tomorrows had in stored for them. They were just trying to make this unforeseen present as beautiful as it could be. 

What magical moments they had when they articulated themselves!

They knew this togetherness was not going to be permanent. Time waits for none and so does life, it moves on. They were discovering and re-discovering each other. Both had grown as individuals and things were totally different, in fact even more beautiful. And it is said, why not take a chance because sometimes you never know how absolutely perfect things turn out to be.

Each day they dedicated a song to each other, they danced to their favourite tunes, watched their favourite movies, made castles in the sand, played like two spoilt kids in the water, laughed till their tummies ached and like olden days he even ate her left-overs, still they couldn’t get enough of each other.

It was time to leave, exit their dreamland and go back to their respective lives, their families, carry on with their obligations and their calling. They had not left each other forever. They had only released their imprisoned feelings, resolved misunderstandings and lightened themselves. Their return was different, it wasn’t a difficult goodbye at all but a silent promise to be there for each other, maybe not in person but where prayers and good thoughts nestle.

And now, whatever the cavities remain in bits and pieces, maybe time will give yet another season to replenish, maybe yet another 60 days or more. I strongly believe that sometimes against all the logic, we still hope and it keeps us going. I guess, it’s called living.    
None of us are irreplaceable and we are all special to someone in this big, beautiful world. So, dance in the rain, walk in the sunshine, dream in the moonlight, peppering a little stardust wherever you show.     


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