Sunday, 3 July 2016

How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth?

I have been a working mother ever since my baby was born. There have hardly been any breaks in my life. Not being a full-time mommy comes with a baggage of concerns, confusions and complications. Most of the time, I was worried if my little one is eating right and eating well since she’s been brought up by many hands. I was extremely blessed to have those lovely souls around me because of whom I could work at peace. I don’t declare that Jianna is not a fussy eater. We all have our preferences and choice of platter. Somehow, for children we keep drilling them about the nutritional facts which, apparently, we realise once we become parents.

Suddenly, we take to reading and revising a lot about healthy eating and simple living so that our children also start following us. But our ideas and plans don’t always work in the same order we conceive. So, it happened in my case too. Jianna came with her own exclusive taste buds and like any other parent, I couldn’t approve of it. My chain of anxieties till date has no ending and her milestones have always been my worry. There are days when she hardly eats anything just for no reason at all. There have been times when she’s been ill which in turn makes her lose weight, her appetite, her immunity and increases her mood swings. 

Children need continuous nourishment for a balanced physical as well as psychological growth. There not many ways to bridge the gap between the lost time. But yes, dear parents, this nourishment and sustenance, has finally arrived to take off the burden from our shoulders, to ease out the creases from our face and to give out "the shout for joy" moment in our lives.

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), has yet again come out with flying colours to give us their next discovery towards goodness and health. Horlicks Growth+ contains nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc. It also has whey protein which helps in appropriate increase in height and weight without piling on unnecessary fats in just 6 months.

Due to this technology aided, sedentary living, obesity in kids is a grave worry. Binge eating on chips, cookies, cakes etc has welcomed to maladies galore. Horlicks Growth+ lands like a breath of fresh air to all those kids who are lagging behind of low energy and enthusiasm. This is a way to give them life through love. It comes in two forever yummy flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate. You just need to pick up the right choice for your children. 

Horlicks Growth+ is very easily available in all leading pharmacies, retail chains and selected provisional stores. I can’t even believe that such a breakthrough has happened and our kids are extremely blessed to be a part of this generation.

Children aged between 3 – 9 years who need help to catch up on their lost growth can be given this after proper consultation with your nutritionist or paediatrician.

This is indeed the best product that GSK has come out with and has once again proved its worth to be the pioneers of health and nutrition. Thank you GSK!!!           

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