The Chronicles of the Unspoken

Back in our school days when we were caught for those incessant giggling under the desks on our lame jokes, we were not even given the opportunity to speak up for the chuckles of laughter orchestrated alongside the lesson. How thankful I am to God now, we were usually shown the door or the teacher might have branded us insane and remembered us for our gross humour sense. Agreed, it’s a circumstantial boon and may be even the teacher was least interested in the blame game of who started what, first!!!   

For many like me, there exists a deep, dark tunnel between the mind and the heart. It is that unknown, mysterious subway where you make your life’s toughest decisions. Several times, I have found that even those choices don’t come out in words and in due course get influenced by many whom you meet and connect.
You tend to get carried away in the flow of their energy. Its only when they stumble, you realize, you could have presented your unadulterated thoughts at the right time. Worst is, you still keep discreet or just be plain modest, waiting for the next time or the so-called TOMORROW which eventually doesn’t, literally, happen.   
My friend went through a bad heartbreak. She gave her everything to make the relationship work and left no stones unturned, that includes even fasting and a helluva of various other sacrifices. I felt all that to be a little over the board but Indian girls are heavily driven by the current fancied-up Karva Chauths (Hail Bollywood and a zillion Tele-series…!!!) so I again kept shut throughout. Ok, it never gave any fruitful results. The guy just showed up whenever he wished to and the girl sailed in and out of her depression land.

My heartfelt sympathies for that friend, who was foolishly in love with an extremely disorganized, vagabond madcap. He couldn’t put his thoughts or feelings into words. Had he known or spoken of his priorities, she wouldn’t have suffered. Maybe that is what you call, TEEN – AGE or ACHE or simply the difficulties of expressions not expressed???  Anyway, both are married, not to each other, of course and happily / unhappily, I am not sure.   
One fine day (different from other days, to be precise) you wake up early, there’s a lot of time on hand and you decide to put on a little more make-up to work, expecting compliments but come back to realisms or just call the ironies of life, because that becomes your very special day. All you get is a string of escalated emails from whomsoever you are working with and an extra dose of bashing from your forever gorgeous Boss whose make-up is never out of order. Good grief…I better go ordinary because consciousness makes you run of words and they are all left unspoken, even if you are not at fault. 
Summers have officially begun in Dubai, so have the holidays and as I lift myself off from the weighing scale with a disgusted face of having gained almost 5 kgs or perhaps more after shifting my base to the Arabian lands of sun, sand and snow (Okay…that was just to make the readers sing along but YES, it does snow in one of those tiny heights of the UAE) I resolved to take care of my health from tomorrow onwards. However, TOMORROW has always been that DAY where the whole world’s plans, production and productivity have Rested in Peace. So there my words lay uselessly buried in the cosmic consciousness of the entire universe, awaiting an awakening.


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