Tuesday, 28 January 2014

On Being a Brand New Mommiiee.....!!!!

Being a Mommiiee can be really thrilling…..especially when it happens for the very 1st time in your life and you want to leave absolutely no stones unturned to bring up your little princess and treat her to all the luxuries which you were deprived of and longed for. But as we know that every little to the largest thing in life comes with a price tag and being a mommy is the most expensive role to be owned, donned and talked about. The delivery eve was spent on watching “Life of Pie” at the theatres and the sound effects did make my baby bounce inside, guess she was enjoying the movie too.  My big day happened on a wintery afternoon of 15th December, 2012. 

The best part was the line which will forever ring in my ears, “It’s a baby girl for you”. Ahhh….my joy knew no bounds, it was like a dream come true!!! My 9 months of patience waiting had finally come to end, as I kissed my little pinky princess on her delicate tiny cheeks. She weighed 2.6kgs and was the most beautiful soul I had ever laid my eyes on. God had blessed me with the world’s precious gift and concluded that his surprises are purely incidental and matchless. Any resemblance to the family members is entirely intentional too. 
The hospital days were like “When will this come to an end?” when I was already aware, that 3 days of hang about was preset. I could only have those plain dalia khichdis and kadhi, despite of the fact that this was the moment to celebrate with goodies and balloons which of course, my family did but sob…sob… I and the baby were left out. Where in the world we could enjoy our heart out!!! Christening of the baby took place in the hospital itself with a name which followed as soon as she arrived. It was henceforth established that my days with the various name finder sites in Google was a complete waste of time because none of them were of any help. The name “Jianna” came like as if it was solely meant for her. The meaning “God is gracious” was even more adorable...!!! The name "Jianna" has Italian roots. 
I heaved a sigh of relief with the departure from hospital and subsequent arrival at home. It was then the actual Mother-baby bonding began. It was a phase of discovering each other, getting adjusted and accustomed to each other. Every day was a new experience and it taught me several things which by law includes – changing nappies, feeding in a comfortable position, sleeping patterns, hunger pangs, reasons for crying and list goes on till date and will continue, by all means, forever. The sudden transition from just a married young a girl to a mother was accompanied by baby blues, fatigue and anxiety.  We waited for 15 days for the massage rounds to begin. I enjoyed but the baby didn’t…..winters were to be blamed. I was given the Masseur’s luxury for a month and baby for 45 days. Then it was taken over by my mother, also a brand new Granny….

My body weight had increased and it was no more like before. The slim-trim "Me" had become a fatsy lady which I didn’t find so comfortable to be in. In my heart of hearts I knew, this phase will also pass and I will be back to myself, its just that I need to give time. Hurry will affect two bodies for which I wasn’t ready at all and then the journey began – eating chappatis made out of wheat, bajra, jaggery and heaps of ghee, methi laddoos, spoonfuls of dashmoolarishta, dry fruits and milk topped my list. Then of course the daily meals prepared at home. After 63 days of my delivery, I got an opportunity to work in the admin department of one of the most reputed schools of Baroda. It was just 5 minutes walking distance from home which was an added advantage apart from the school timings. The daily short walks, my work and my top role as a mother kept my hands full. I enjoyed my busy life, meeting my colleagues, the lunch breaks at office and as the time to go home neared, I got excited just to be with my little one.

Her little developments were like milestones achieved. 
Jianna’s 1st roll over was a day to rejoice. 
Her first steps, first words, first expressions, first hugs, first teeth were all a matter of celebration. 

Time flew and today she is 1 year and 1 month old. God has always kept her safe and sound for which I am so much thankful about. I am slowly and gradually coming back to my original size, though I have a little more to go and I know that without much efforts, it will be done. Thanks to Jianna, Job and Household work.....all 3 keep me on my toes. 

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